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OHI is the global leader in technologies and treatment options for conditions associated with the lower extremities. OHI incorporates a global family of brands, including The Orthotic Group (TOG), Langer Biomechanics, Arizona Foot Orthotics, Apex Footwear and Australian Orthotic Group to name a few. In February 2016 OHI acquired Feet 24 7 and established a new company called OHI International in order to bring their products directly to the practitioner in Europe, enabling them to become more competitive and responsive in the market place.

OHI International is dedicated to providing the highest level of clinical support and customer service. We are a small team headed by myself, a podiatrist with a PhD in biomechanics and 23 years experience in treatment, research and orthotics manufacture. We don’t have a lot of employees, but we have a great team, and treat your business as our business. I look forward to working with you in the future and thank you for trusting us with your business in the past.


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