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Northway Financial, Inc. is the parent company of Northway Bank, a state charted commercial bank. The common stock of Northway Financial, Inc. is traded through the Over The Counter Markets and is listed on the OTCQB exchange under the ticker symbol NWYF.

Northway Bank was organized in 2005 under the laws of New Hampshire and is subject to regulation by the New Hampshire Banking Department and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and is a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston.

The Bank is engaged in a general commercial banking business and offers commercial, construction, real estate mortgages, and consumer loans including personal secured and unsecured loans, and lines of credit. The Bank accepts savings, time, demand, NOW and money market deposit accounts, and offers a variety of banking services including safe deposit boxes, MasterCard accounts, overdraft lines of credit and wire transfer services. The Bank has automatic teller machines at each location to allow customers limited banking services on a 24 hour basis.


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