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We created Cuvva because of our own poor experiences dealing with insurance companies. Too often they were slow and painful, with an inflexible agenda. Not us! We weren’t insurance guys at the time, but we did know a lot about tech and believed we could build a much better and smarter experience for customers. We wanted to put them in control, cut out the middleman and also save money. It’s early days and we’re not afraid to try new things if that means a better experience for customers.

At Cuvva, our company values are defined by the people that work here. We want to create products that we are both proud to use and that our customers can trust.

We want to provide our users with flexibility by breaking the norms and removing the hassle from what can otherwise be a traditional and overly complicated market.

We intend to constantly raise the benchmark in our industry and focus on our beliefs while doing so.


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