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We are manufacturer and supplier of ELECTRICAL, ELECTRONIC TEST and MEASURING INSTRUMENTS e.g. Oscilloscope, DSO, Oscillator, Function Generator, DC Regulated Power Supply (Single Output, Dual Output, Multi Output & High Voltage), SMPS, DMM, DPM for V, A, Hz, W, and PF, Digital Milli Ohm Meter , Digital Micro Ohm Meter, LCR Meter, Capacitance Meter, Clamp Meter, Digital IC Tester , Digital Multifunction Meter, HV Breakdown Tester, Million Mega Ohm Meter, Insulation tester, Meggar, Earth tester, Analog Meters, Auto Transformer ( Variac ) and Electronic training Boards for Semiconductors, Various Theorems, Demonstration Model, Amplifiers, OP-Amplifier, Filters, Digital Electronics, Communication, Microprocessor and Instrumentation Lab.


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