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We believe there’s a better, happier way to buy and sell cars. It’s why we offer features like free listings and a map showing all available cars and why we put joy into everything we do. CarsGuide is all about focusing on making things clearer, simpler and a bit more enjoyable.

We feature over 100,000 new and used cars all with the seller location and contact information displayed up front. We encourage all buyers to contact the seller directly either via email or where available live chat.

We offer one of the largest online car marketplaces in Australia. As well as being one of the easiest and safest places to sell your car we won’t charge a commission or sting you with hidden fees for a standard ad.

With nearly 500 different car models with varying specifications finding the right car at the right price can be daunting. Our car reviews, news and advice provide simple, smart and practical information to help you make the right choice.

In December 2016 CarsGuide became part of Cox Automotive Australia network alongside Dealer Solutions, Manheim and Sell My Car.

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